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More Than a Fling – How to Romanticize Your Life This Spring

romanticize your life

If you have been following this blog you will come to see a key theme that I advocate for. That is, finding pleasure in life’s little moments by becoming mindful and tuning into a slower pace of life that promotes growth and wellness with sustainability sprinkled in. According to blog reports I stumbled upon, such a theme can be categorized under the trendy buzz phrase romanticizing life or how to romanticize your life.

I’ve always thought of myself as a closeted hopeless romantic. Not one to openly wear my heart on my sleeve but still searching for the romance in life itself.

What do I mean by this?

I mean celebrating the beauty and femininity life has to offer – flowers blooming in spring, a letter one keeps from their first love, sipping a bottle of wine with your friends at sun-down during summer. From what I read it’s engaging in love, joy and harmony that is found internally and sharing it externally.

Life is a love story if we allow it to be. Start romanticizing pleasure in the little things.

The Mindfulness Behind Romanticizing Your Life

Mindfulness in its simplest form is becoming observant, tuning in to your surroundings and being present in the moment. As I’ve mentioned before, mindfulness is about enjoying the moment for what it is rather than rushing through to move on to the next thing.

If we wish to incorporate a sense of romanticism into our lives, then we must learn to savour as opposed to consume. I don’t mean eating, but other aspects as well. Do you move about your day in a hectic rush or are you giving in to the natural rhythms of the day? (You can still be productive during the latter). When you are walking or driving down the street, are you tunnel visioning your focus on where you’re headed or do you observe your local surroundings as you move? Living in Munich, I LOVE looking up at the many beautiful facades of the old buildings.

Savour rather than consume the joys found in the everyday.

To romanticize your life is to take care of your mental health. Mindfulness is a key component of our well-being as it relieves stress, anxiety and symptoms of depression according to studies. The roots of mindfulness are firmly planted in the present moment. When we begin taking notice of what is happening right here and now we garner an increased sense of enjoyment and appreciation.

We all know that love is life’s greatest elixir.

How to Romanticize Your Life


What would this post be if I didn’t mention Glimmers. Described, as fleeting moments of comfort that bring us back to the present moment.

The beauty in Glimmers is that they are found everywhere! Spring is especially a wondrous time to tap into these small pockets that calm our nervous system.

A few favourite Spring examples – the first meal you eat outside after a long winter, the smell of the grass after a brief rain shower, the colour of the cotton-candy sky at sundown, the taste of seasonal rhubarb and pears. Glimmers are personal, so you decide what resonates.

Start Early

Some will argue otherwise, but there is a certain romance in the early Spring air. All is at peace, the flora is waking up and the only sound you hear is of the birds chirping – bliss.

The sun stretches itself further into the sky upon which you get to be one of the first to welcome a new day. Those “late in the day birds” are truly missing out.

Waking up earlier by starting your day with extra time for your morning routine allows for peace and a positive mindset that carries throughout the day. Make it a ritual how you prepare breakfast or a warming beverage. Take 5-10 minutes to journal or do sun-salutations. Make your bed upon waking up for an instant sense of accomplishment.

Spring Renewal

Or as some might say spring cleaning. Take a note from Marie Kundo and get rid of anything that no longer brings you joy. From clothes to books to random trinkets – keep only that which elicits a positive emotional response.

Spring is also a great time to invite a romantic style into your wardrobe. The vibe is quality fabrics such as linen or cotton in combination with denim. Bright or neutral colour combinations that harmonize together and lighter layers for those unpredictable weather changes. You can romanticize your life by playing dress-up in this regard.

You can even take it a step further by romanticizing your bed with some new satin sheets.

Create a Vision Board

Reflect on those experiences or things you are calling in for Spring. Find images or phrases (such as affirmations) and pin them to a board – either a real-life cork board or a Pinterest or Instagram board.

I prefer an actual corkboard so that I can look at it throughout my day. This board should evoke those warm and inspiring feelings you want to embrace and call in.

There is no right or wrong way to make a romanticized mood board. Flip through a magazine, grab photographs, and write out your positive affirmations in your favourite colours. You choose the tone, as this is your Spring intention.

The fun psychology behind a vision board, for example, is that by continuously exposing yourself to that which you desire you subconsciously begin attracting it.


Date yourself, literally. Take yourself out for coffee at that one cafe you keep walking past. Allow yourself the time, avoid the temptation of distracting yourself with your phone and simply sit and sip with yourself. You can also bring a notebook in case ideas or creativity strikes. Me-time is so exceptionally valuable.

It may sound obvious but it’s worth mentioning that spending intentional time with yourself is the single best way to connect with yourself. Being alone isn’t something to fear, solitude has much to offer if we are receptive to tapping in and listening to our inner voice.

As you will read below, me-time also allows you to fully daydream acting as a mental re-set. Plus, it can be a lot of fun and might end up being that perfect day you didn’t know you needed.

If you need a little more convincing check out my blog post on Solitude vs. Loneliness.

I Can Buy Myself Flowers

I may not listen to much mainstream music however I can take a queue from a fellow sister. Miley’s intention was the best, I can buy myself flowers!

Before waiting for someone to show up at your doorstep with a fresh bouquet, buy them yourself! Show some self-love initiation for yourself.

Also, this guy I went out on a date with years ago was right – fresh flowers in a home are a game-changer!

That Special Occasion is Now

Romanticizing your life isn’t reserved for special occasions.

Don’t wait for a birthday party, Christmas, or an anniversary to use your nice dishes or to pop that fancy bottle of bubbly. That special occasion is now – you’re alive, well and happy which is enough of a reason to celebrate. Also, that favorite dress or heels you’ve been waiting to wear … now’s the time my dear!

Attitude of Gratitude

Think about this for a moment – the majority of things you have in your life or have achieved in life, at some point you aspired toward. We humans are programmed to be continuously working toward the next thing, eye on the prize. But in doing so, we forget to pause and look at everything we already have!

Friends, a home, perhaps a partner, and material possessions like clothes and books. A degree even, that’s been perfectly framed and sits on a shelf. Don’t ever forget to show gratitude for those relationships, beautiful things and accomplishments that are present in your life. Countless people are wishing that they had what you have. Express gratitude!

By practicing an attitude of gratitude will you attract more positivity into your life.


This might be one of my personal favourites. It’s not escapist thoughts but rather allowing your mind to drift to a dreamy fantasy that is filled with nothing less than your desires and ideal visions.

Plus, daydreaming is arguably a quick reset for an overactive mind, sort of like a spa for your brain. No worries or anxieties exist when daydreaming.

As a child, I was known to be a consistent daydreamer and truth be told I was fantasizing about things my adult self would pursue or be like. Some of those have come to fruition. Daydreaming stems from our subconscious mind, the place where manifestations take hold.

Love Thyself

Let’s be real – the quickest way how to romanticize your life is by simply loving yourself!

The relationship you lead with yourself is the longest and most constant you will have in your life. Every single person, yes even friends and family, will come and go at some point. But YOU will remain with yourself till the very end.

Romanticize yourself! You are the ultimate love in your life.

Only, you can know what it truly feels like and means to be the person that you are. Offer yourself love, practice positive self-talk, and sensually touch yourself. Give yourself the love you wish to receive.

Live a Romantic Life

However, you wish to romanticize your life be sure to infuse it with a sense of joy, wonder and passion. Beauty exists everywhere we turn! By actively seeking these things out can we cultivate a life filled with love, connection, and appreciation with ourselves and the relationships in our lives.

By finding the beauty in our surroundings we transmute the mundane into meaningful. So, make it an intention to live life in a softer way this Spring by enjoying those tiny pockets of happiness, tending to your passion projects or simply taking the time to sit with a friend and chat about all the different kinds of romances your one precious life has to offer.

Thanks for reading!
xo Missy

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