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Welcome! I am so glad you’re here!

This blog is written for and dedicated to those feminine individuals looking to live a softer yet intentional and abundant life. The topics range from personal growth, wellness, mindset, sustainability (in fashion and lifestyle) and moments of play! A harmonious dance of nuances that makes life the expansive and beautiful journey that it is!

Out are the days where we hustle and grind in order to save up for that short-lived vacation or binge on escapist tendencies because we’re too avoidant to get in touch with ourselves. No more complacent auto-pilot mode where we forget to look up from the screen and witness the lushness our everyday presents to us no matter where we might be.

It’s time to inject the combination of The Soft Life along with our powerful innate feminine qualities back into society. Nobody else but ourselves are ultimately in charge of our lives and those stepping stones toward a fruitful destiny are placed in front of us each day if we choose to make the leap.

So, join the community of like-minded individuals, one where can learn and expand with and from one another. A quest to discover our true selves and live our most authentic life free of limiting beliefs and outdated norms.

…Missy P

Back in late 2021 is when my pivotal personal development journey begun taking off after hitting a so called rock bottom. The few years leading up, I continuously felt alienated from my authentic self and ill attempts at self-soothing drew me no where closer. I believed that if I move abroad, land a job in fashion and begin dating that my life would be perfect. But something was always missing …

Hindsight is 20/20 and present day I can confirm that what was missing during that time was the understanding of who I am and the connection to my authentic self. The two things that ultimately ignited my personal growth journey was a shattering and sudden heartbreak and a book on inner-healing. Fast forward a few months to my 29th Birthday (in2022) is when I stepped into the Missy I needed to become.

I cannot confirm exactly what the elusive 29 had to do with my personal development journey but from there I dove nose first into yoga, mindfulness, journaling, podcasts, wellness, shadow-work and on the other side sustainable and second-hand fashion!!

The journey continues and I wish to encourage and help others along their own personal growth path.

Some Fun Facts

I love writing and I love to cook and eat vegan food especially when shared with my family and friends. Traveling is that thing that awakens my soul (especially in Greece). I have completely ditched fast-fashion in favour of sustainable or second-hand/vintage clothes, shoes and bags. My higher belief is the Universe and astrology is an anchor I follow in my day-day life. I am learning to read tarot cards, which is an excellent tool to have. I love dancing at raves and think eating animals is cruel. I find happiness in the smallest moments and believe joy is created internally through self-love. Overall, I have a bright outlook on life in part because I have felt the darkness of depression. Everything I write about on this blog are things I truly care about and am fully interested in and my ultimate wish is that whoever reads my posts does so with enjoyment and returns for more!

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