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Lucky Girl Syndrome – The Psychology Behind This Trend

what is lucky girl syndrome

“Everything I envision works out for me.”

“Abundance is coming my way.”

“I attract my greatest desires.”

For some, it might seem far-fetched to merely utter a few phrases and watch as your mindset begins to shift. Seems too good to be true, right? According to those following the latest viral trend called Lucky Girl Syndrome, they beg to differ. Those following this trend say it comes down to feeling and believing that those things or experiences you wish to attract are on their way to you.

Some might call this a manifestation tactic others would label it as a confirmation bias. Whether you are a skeptic or a believer keep reading as you may discover how Lucky Girl Syndrome has already begun unfolding for you.

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So, how does Lucky Girl Syndrome work? Let’s get one thing out of the way. This is a long-standing practice that wasn’t born through the virality of some TikTok reel. It did gain popularity through the Influencer reach, however, the concept of Lucky Girl Syndrome stems from The Law of Assumption. This concept was developed by writer and mystic Neville Goddard who argued that whatever positive or negative thing you focus on and believe in will ultimately become true. It’s based on your own luck and self-esteem.

The motto is: Whatever you think, you attract.

Manifestation or The Law of Attraction works closely with The Law of Assumption, as the latter is the mindset whilst the former are the steps taken in getting there. You can speak all the right words to yourself but what makes a vision come true is the work you put in.

The goal is to turn negative thinking patterns around to begin attracting more of the good, or at least to realize how much good already exists in your life. Think of those people who seem to always receive that which they desire – a job, a boyfriend, or even a vacation. These people don’t have a magical DNA strand embedded in them. They practice the mindset of that which they yearn for is what they are worthy of. The same goes for the opposite. Believe in the good and the good will begin to appear more.

As you may be following along, Lucky Girl Syndrome is not a syndrome but rather a positive mindset in which you create your desired reality. Or even the effect of utilizing the power of positive thinking.

Lucky Girl Psychology

To calm the skeptics and appease the psychology-driven folks it’s worth mentioning the power of our minds behind Lucky Girl Syndrome. At the basic level, positive thinking has the power to improve our mental well-being as it allows us to reshape our thoughts into optimism. This can ultimately lead to a more fulfilling life as we shift our perspective around certain outdated beliefs or narratives.

You might be surprised to learn that neuroplasticity is fundamental in manifestation. Neuroplasticity is the ability of our brains to change and re-organize new neural networks.
Hence, it allows us to learn new skills and to cognitively grow thereby bridging the gap between setting and achieving our goals. This is what manifestation is essentially about. Combine a positive “lucky girl state of mind” with achievable measures and the right tools, and you will be able to win at any goal or desire you place your focus on.

There is a reason they say the mind is a great servant but a lousy master.

One such tool that will help in the manifestation process is located inside our brains. The Reticular Activating System (RAS for short), is essentially a filter that scans our environment for things that affirm our pre-existing beliefs. This is where you have to become discerning to that which you call upon. A positive mindset will regularly notice all those things in your environment that you are manifesting. Similarly, a negative mindset will scan for clues that hinder your luck. Your RAS will essentially support or sabotage that which you desire.

How To Attract Lucky Girl Energy

With all this talk you might be itching to get into action. After all, if so many swear by this transformation then certainly the rest of us would like to join in on the abundance! It comes down to energetics which any of us are capable of tapping into, we just might need a little fine-tuning if we’ve come to neglect this vital part of us.

1. Recite Affirmations

Say it, believe it, watch it come to fruition. Affirmations are phrases or words we repeat to ourselves to ignite motivation, and hopefulness and combat any negative thinking patterns. Your brain cannot tell the difference between fact or fake. By reciting daily affirmations you are essentially telling your mind that your thoughts are your reality. This in turn attracts more of that energy you are calling in and Lucky Girl Syndrome is all about that energy!

2. Practice Daily Affirmations

Affirmations are not demands, they don’t come alive simply because you recited them once or even a few sporadic times. It takes commitment and consistency to see your visions and beliefs come true. Practicing daily affirmations will lead to a positive shift in mindset and begin attracting that Lucky Girl energy.

If you seem to forget to recite your affirmations try using the Reminders App on your phone. Type in your favourite affirmations then set it to pop up as a notification on your phone.

3. Look For Luck

Make use of your RAS! The Reticular Activating System has evolved to your benefit as it consistently scans your environment to pick up on things that match your focus, behaviour and motivation. The RAS is kind of like a silent cheerleader as its sole purpose is to filter out and match whatever beliefs or biases you hold. In other words, it can help you to seek luck in your life.

So if you think you are going to run a multi-million dollar company or spend the rest of your life with your one true love, the RAS is here to support you 100%.

4. Craft a Vision Board

I’ve mentioned the vision board in my previous article on romanticizing your life. Either digitally via Instagram or Pinterest or IRL with a cork board, curate a vision of those things you wish to call into your future. By regularly exposing yourself to what you are manifesting will you call it in that much sooner.

5. Be Intentional

Being intentional is about setting your words into motion. Take action by doing the next right thing that will help move you toward whatever it is you desire to call into your life. If you think having a healthier lifestyle will help with your goals then perhaps you decline a Friday night out to wake up refreshed and energized on Saturday morning. Or you swap watching Netflix with reading a book or journalling.

Caution – Toxic Positivity

After sifting through many articles on Lucky Girl Syndrome I have come to understand what the critics are warning others about. That being said, I don’t believe it’s a valid argument entirely as it stems directly from toxic positivity.

As mentioned earlier, this trend originated from a manifestation approach. However, the thing about manifesting that many people might get wrong, is it doesn’t exclusively rely on positive thoughts for fruition to occur. Manifesting is a process and one such process is reframing negative thoughts that come up by getting to the root source or understanding the shadow side of self.

Lucky Girl Syndrome is merely clear-cutting this process and going straight for the honey. Of course in time, our subconscious programming will always appear during which we will be confronted if we have come to stick our head too far in the proverbial Lucky Girl sand.

Toxic positivity warns that by solely focusing on positive things we lose touch with reality and fall prey to disappointment. Positive thinking alone won’t breed an abundant life because doing so would entail denying a whole other part of ourselves, specifically our negative emotions. This part of ourselves needs to be seen, heard, felt, understood and released. The sooner we can do this the sooner we can attract more of that Lucky Girl Energy!

Abundance > Luck

Luck comes about in sporadic and perhaps random ways. Abundance on the other hand is a constant source of wealth if we are doing the work to feed its source. The work might not be fun all the time, but if you’re doing the right kind the reward will be worth all the effort.

Dreaming is a beautiful thing but without realistic measures and tools in place, it melts into nothing more than a fantasy. Give your dreams the credit they deserve and take actionable steps into making it your Abundant Girl Reality!

Thanks for reading!
xo Missy

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