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12 Ways of Connecting With Your Feminine Energy Through Play

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If there is one thing society is deficient in, it’s Divine Feminine.

As I’ve mentioned before, the feminine lives in all of us regardless of gender. Inherent qualities of the feminine include being nurturing or creative, showing compassion or empathy or acting from your intuition.

Connecting with your feminine side can be strengthened by embodying these qualities.

I started understanding myself more, once I began learning about the masculine and feminine and how these energetics live in each of us regardless of gender.

What’s more, the conflicts we see in society from romantic relationships to how we conduct business usually stem from an imbalance of either.

So, if this is the case how do we get back into balance?

By tapping into something adults often have forgotten about – play!

What is the Divine Feminine?

Before we go any further – what even is the divine feminine you might wonder?

The divine feminine is a spiritually-based concept referring to a higher feminine power. Throughout ancient history, such examples have been Greek Goddesses like Athena or Hindu Goddesses such as Kali. In this way, the Divine Feminine can be described as Goddess-like energy.

Our earth is often referred to as Mother Earth because of our planet’s dominant feminine energetics. The name originated from Gaia who was the Greek Goddess of Earth and Mother to all.

Ever wondered why the dominant patriarchy has caused so much imbalance and destruction on our planet? Well, simply put, this system isn’t in line with the feminine energetics given off by Mother Earth.

Plus, the Patriarchy has placed too much emphasis on the negative masculine and not enough on the positive masculine.

The masculine has Gods, the feminine has Goddesses.

Major historical cultures from the Ancient Greeks and Romans to the Egyptians worshipped and favoured the Matriarchy. Unfortunately, through the rise of the Patriarchy, humanity began not only losing touch but fully abandoning our powerful Divine Feminine.

Traits of Feminine Energetics

The feminine and masculine exist in each of us and when in balance showcase an individual that is living in harmony and content with oneself and the world. Of course, women will possess more of the feminine energetics while men have more of the masculine but the ratio will depend on the individual and their gender.

Everything in our universe has either a masculine or feminine charge. Our planet, as mentioned earlier, is feminine which is where the term “Mother Earth” comes from. Needless to say, we still require a balance of both energetics on this planet and within our society for homeostasis to occur.

Yin is feminine and Yang is masculine.
The Moon is feminine, the Sun is masculine.
The elements of earth and water are feminine while fire and air are masculine.

The Patriarchy has massively disrupted the harmony between both masculine and feminine energetics.

Moreover, it’s not enough to incorporate more or less of either energetics. There must be a focus on incorporating the positive characteristics whilst healing the negative that has become so prevalent in society.

To re-state both energetics are not bound to one or any gender. They live in each of us regardless of how you define yourself.

The following is a list of both positive and negative traits within the feminine. They are objectively fact-based and should be viewed as characteristics and not as judgements.

Positive Feminine Energetics

• Empathy
• Intuition
• Kindness
• Nurturing
• Compassion
• Sensitivity
• Patience
• Creativity
• Sensuality
• Expressiveness (such as showing vulnerability)

Negative Feminine Energetics

• Being passive-aggressive
• Clinginess
• Overly submissive
• Worrying
• Indecisive
• De-prioritizing your needs in favour of others
• Undervaluing yourself
• Losing yourself in your emotions
• Afraid to speak up
• Co-dependent

How Do I Connect With My Feminine Energy?

We can learn a lot about ourselves through play. In this state, we for a moment, forget our adult responsibilities and allow ourselves to be fully immersed in the present moment which connects us back to ourselves.

Through play, we learn to not take life so seriously and to have fun in a light-hearted manner. As adults we tend to de-prioritize our play time, this stems from a toxic masculinity that favours the hustle and grind and resists slowing down.

Connecting with your feminine energy through play encourages a sense of peace, self-love, and compassion and sharpens your intuition. All of which are strengths.

1. Lean Into Your Passion

Every single one of us has a passion; the more you connect with yourself, the better you will understand yours. It’s that spark that ignites us with a sense of intrigue, desire and energy.

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, your passion is the execution strategy for fulfilling your life’s purpose. It’s the gateway that connects you to your divine and the way to access it is through a sense of playfulness.

2. Dance!

Dancing is the epitome of play thanks in part to the seduction of music. When we dance we shut off our minds and live fully from our bodies. Each movement is led by our intuition connecting us further to our truest sense of self.

3. Get Together With Your Girl-Friends

What a fun way to connect with the divine feminine than by getting together with your favourite like-minded ladies. Through deep chats and belly laughs the strongest of bonds are formed. Plus, in the truest friendships, a sense of play is naturally encouraged.

4. Walk Barefoot While Picking Flowers

Perhaps the most romanticized of these 15 tips. Grounding yourself to Mother Earth while admiring the most beautiful fruits of her labour is a sure way to connect with your feminine side.

This can even entail walking barefoot on a sandy beach, or placing your hands on the earth when hiking through a forest. My favourite is floating on my back and having the ocean hold me. Basically, find a way to connect with the feminine elements of the natural world.

5. Lounge About

Connecting with your feminine energy is also about slowing down and resting. Allow yourself the simple pleasure of lounging in a hammock with a book, taking a nap or soaking your body in a bubble bath.

6. Feel Into Your Body

The source of the feminine lives in the body, the area where we feel not think. Shut off your mind and feel your way into your physical body. Breathwork, massages, yoga, dancing and even physical affection are great examples of tapping into your Yin energy.

Allow your mind to snooze and your body to sense.

7. Create a Feminine Space

Devote one corner or room in your home that connects you with your feminine. Decorate it with dried flowers, crystals, or candles and place objects like your journal, tarot cards or a yoga mat. This should be the tranquil little chill-out area of your home that breathes softness back into your being.

8. Garden

Whether you have a garden in your backyard, or a few urban plants in your apartment – connecting with your feminine energy will come smoothest when connecting with flora.
Roses, though known for indicating romance also stand for grace and beauty. Peonies (my favourite) embody strength and sensuality while lilies has been believed to represent fortune and fertility.

9. Attend or Host a Women’s Circle

A women’s circle is a great way for like-minded women to come together to connect, share stories, laugh, be vulnerable and even collaborate on professional ventures. These types of gatherings inspire and encourage women to feel safe, seen, heard and held. The Patriarchy has pinned us women against one another for far too long, it’s time for us to take that power back.

For more details on how to organize your own Women’s Circle, check out this article.

10. Get Creative

Creativity strikes best when we feel inspired which is another trait of the feminine. What digital-free activity makes you thirsty to create something with your hands? People tend to confuse creativity with artistry. While this can be the case, for many others (like myself) who don’t possess an artistic gene, creativity stems from other sources.

Ignite your play in creative ways such as cooking, re-decorating your home, crocheting, abstract painting, making a vision board or writing!

11. Play With Children

What better way to connect with your playful side than by spending time with children? Children are the ones who are most in touch with their intuition as they follow each impulse that comes up, especially their playful side.

Remember how good it felt to get lost in your fantasy world as a child? We still have this imagination within us as adults, we simply need to re-learn how to access it. This imaginative state is what ignites our creativity and playfulness.

12. Pamper Yourself

The tip that I believe most of us are willing to get behind! Connecting with your feminine energy is about connecting with those softer and more seductive parts of yourself. Pampering can take the form of going to the spa, having a mimosa brunch with your friends, taking a bubble bath, or spending a night in a beautiful hotel and ordering room service.

We usually only allow ourselves to get pampered on occasion when we feel we deserve it (this is the toxic masculine at play). But by regularly spending time and money on something that makes us feel good and benefits our mind and body are we demonstrating self-love and worthiness. Both being dominant traits of a positive feminine.

Thanks for reading!
xo, Missy

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