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Simple Morning Wellness Habits In Your Early 30s

Morning Wellness Habits

Years ago, I read a quote that went a little something like this …

In your 20’s you have perfect skin without much effort. Once you turn 30 you have the skin you deserve.

I cannot remember who said it … maybe it was Jennifer Lopez but that’s beside the point. What the elusive woman was pointing out is that however you treat your body including what you put into it is exactly what you will get out. It goes deeper than just your skin but also how you nourish and move your body and what thoughts or conversations you’re feeding your mind with.

There is much lenience in your 20s in terms of what you put in is what you get out. But once the third decade of life rolls around, we begin to benefit greatly when we make wellness a priority. I understand each person’s morning routine looks different than the next, where some enjoy the early hours and others would rather run back into bed. Healthy habits should apply to anyone. That’s why I am sharing with you my favourite simple morning wellness habits for your early 30s.

Your Wellness Depends on Your Habits

Habits set the foundation for how we lead our day-to-day lives and over time contribute greatly to our overall health and well-being. Implementing healthy habits in the morning does not require much effort to reap its benefits. And this is true whether you are a morning person or not.

The effects of quality AM wellness habits will have a lasting impact throughout your day on your mind and body. It’s as simple as the old saying waking up on the right/wrong side of the bed.

I have been following these simple morning wellness habits since before turning 30 and have drastically improved my morning mindset.

Morning Wellness Habits Made Simple

I might get cancelled by a few when I say this but, you will need to get up earlier to benefit and have time for these wellness habits fully. Also, a hectic morning releases the stress hormone, cortisol which is something we want to avoid early in the day.

There is no particular order to complete these habits, the important thing is that you are implementing them.

1. Skin Care is Key

Your skin is the largest organ and the first line of defence against environmental toxins. All the more reason to take good care of it. Any wellness girly will advocate that an established skincare regime should be at the foundation of your morning routine.

There are various ways you can support your skin first thing in the morning. Dry brushing, for example, exfoliates your skin, supports lymphatic drainage and removes toxins. A short cold shower proves to stimulate circulation and combat morning sleepiness.

My morning facial skincare routine is non-negotiable. Wash your face with cold water for an instant wake-up, followed with hyaluronic acid, facial toner, moisturizer and a facial oil.

2. Roll Your Face

After the skincare has been done there is one more fun, effective and simple step to include. Use a gua-sha or a face roller – this will help stimulate circulation, reduce puffiness or muscle tension and improve fine lines. It’s like yoga for your face. Plus, it feels even better if you store them in the fridge.

This wellness habit takes no more than a few minutes. You can easily do this while you wait for your coffee to brew or oatmeal to cook.

3. Tongue Scrape

An ayurvedic practice of scrapping your tongue as part of oral and physical health.

Your body is detoxing throughout the night and the effects are shown in the morning through goopy eyes and a coated tongue. Before you drink or eat anything it is so beneficial to scrape your tongue first! Otherwise, you will be washing back down all those nasty toxins your body has done a vigorous job of eliminating during the night.

Tongue scrapping has also been proven to freshen breath, improve taste buds and remove bacteria from places a toothbrush cannot.

There are special tongue scrapers on the market that cost next to nothing but do the work of keeping you healthy and toxin-free.

4. Sun Salutations

Aka. stretching! Notice how stiff your body can feel upon rising? You have been lying in the same position for (hopefully) around 8+ hours, giving all the reasons for stale muscles and joints. Sun salutations translate to “greeting the sun”, which are a series of Yoga movements done to warm up your body, increase blood flow and to greet and thank the sun for another day.

Practicing sun salutations or other forms of yoga as a morning wellness habit might seem challenging at first but over a few weeks you will begin to see the benefits in your mind and body.

All it takes is a few minutes a day, with or without a mat, to strengthen your muscles, stretch your limbs, improve your posture and allow your mind and body to connect.

5. Make Your Bed

Might seem ineffective or mundane but making your bed in the morning not only makes your bedroom look that much nicer but gives you a small dopamine hit as you have completed the first task of the day right upon rising.

6. Nourish Your Body

Breakfast, no matter what your body type, is crucial. It supports our blood-sugar levels, improves our mood (cue no hanger) and nourishes our body. If eating first thing in the day isn’t your thing, that’s fine you can eat later in the morning but make sure you have broken your fast (break-fast) before lunch.

There also shouldn’t be any excuses for not having time for breakfast. Eating in the morning can be as simple as preparing overnight oats the night before, taking a few minutes to make a smoothie or grabbing toward homemade protein bars.

7. Hydrate

If there is one or two simple wellness habits you take away from this post it should be this one – drinking a glass of hot or room-temperature water. After we scrape our tongues we want to hydrate and energize our bodies. If a glass of water is too bland try hot water with lemon and ginger or with a shot of apple cider vinegar to support digestion and balance blood sugar.

And while we’re on the discussion of liquids. Drinking coffee in the morning is arguably how most people begin their day, not necessarily because they need it to wake up but because it has become a habit. However, drinking caffeine during the first hours of the day will spike your cortisol levels aka. your stress hormones which is not ideal, especially on an empty stomach.

If you crave the taste or simply want the ritual behind the brew, opt for decaf instead. It tastes the same and won’t give you the jitters.

8. Journal

Instead of scrolling on your phone, allow yourself 5-10 minutes to sit down and journal. Write your intention for the day or reflect on a dream you had during the night. A positive mindset in the morning sets the tone of the day so make a small list of something you’re grateful for or excited about. It can be as short as one sentence to as long as a paragraph.

Products + Recipes to Support Your Simple Morning Wellness Habits

Now that you’re ready to integrate more wellness habits into your morning routine it’s time to go shopping! Health and wellness products do not need to run a high price tag to offer good quality. It pays to shop around and in any case, do your research on the sustainability efforts behind the company you are purchasing from.


The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid
A water-based serum that hydrates and firms skin. Used after applying a facial toner.

The Ordinary Virgin Marula Oil
Antioxidant-rich that kisses your face with a glow. Can also be used in your hair.

Gua Sha & Facial Roller
Made from various stones, you can buy them either together or individually. I instinctually gravitate toward rose quartz.

Dry Brush
It is best if used before showering, as the name suggests. There is an added circulation if followed with a cold shower.

Tongue Scrapper
Available in either stainless steel or copper depending on your preference. Scrape your tongue 5-10 times before brushing your teeth and before you have ingested or swallowed anything, otherwise you will wash the nasty toxins back down.

The actual journal itself is as personal as the words written within. Size, bind, aesthetic, and paper material it all play a role in how motivated you will be in writing down your thoughts on paper.

Yoga Mat
You will be getting up close and personal with your yoga mat which is why it’s vital to find one that is made with non-toxic dyes and materials. It’s also worth the investment if you will be using it regularly.


Overnight Oats
Protein Bars
Nutrient Dense Smoothie

5-Minute Oatmeal

Once you find wellness habits that work for you and match your lifestyle, you will begin to look forward to your morning ritual even the night before!

Thanks for reading!
xo, Missy

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